Thu Jan 30 2020 01:33:52

Behavior Odyssey, Part 1

Submitted by: Dr. Shari

The entire staff at Zionsville Country Veterinary Clinic is excited to be embarking together on a new and exciting adventure in animal behavior!  We  have long been aware of how our approach in the clinic affects the mood of your pets' visit.  We also understand that the care we take in minimizing stress in handling our patients improves the tone of future visits.  Inviting you and your pets to be willing participants in their ideal care has always been our goal.

To that end, we began our “Behavior Odyssey” last year when the entire staff attended world renowned Dr. Sophia Yin’s full day seminar on Low Stress Handling for Pets.  Paired with our Cat Friendly Practice Certification by the American Association of Feline Practitioners in 2013, we have plunged ahead with some very exciting updates in handling and behavior techniques.

With resources from Dr. Yin, Dr. Karen Overall, and behavioral biologist, Karen Pryor, we are gaining new information daily!  Next time you’re in, ask us about our newest endeavor with socializing a litter of four month old Border Collie puppies.  Watch our progress on Facebook and don’t hesitate to share any behavior concerns with any member of our team!

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